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Introducing our DRIP PEN that has a secret pull banner inside of it to get you the information you need, quickly! Can't remember how to titrate a Nicardipine drip? How much do you start the Levophed at? WE GOT YOU!

This pen features 13 Vasoactive drips, 4 Sedation drips, and 5 Anti-arrhythmic drugs. Each drug has their standard dose range, starting rate, onset, duration, indication, and potential adverse effects. BUT WAIT- THERES MORE :) ... We also included your H's & T's, Pediatric Dosing 'Rules of Thumb' and Pediatric VS newborn to adolescent.

You'll be the most prepared person in a code or emergent situation with this pen!!

*** this pen is never to be used as medical advice and is strictly for educational purposes only, not patient care. the drugs listed in this pen require strict monitoring, titration, and only given under a trained and licensed professional.

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