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Swift Notes Visual Reference and Anatomy Guide for the Outpatient Physical Therapist


The Swift Notes Visual Reference for the Outpatient Physical Therapist was designed by full time outpatient Physical Therapists to address the individual needs of this profession! Quick resource guides have found their way on to nurse's stations for decades. After noticing a void in the rehab world, we decided to create one. Unlike other products on the market, this resource has vibrant diagrams and clinically pertinent information rather than hundreds of pages of densely written text.

Helpful features include -

- FULL COLOR and detailed anatomical illustrations of the entire body

- Accurate ROM norms for all joints

- Dermatome diagrams, myotome explanations, and peripheral nerve maps

- Detailed illustrations of cutaneous innervations and spinal tracts

- Suggested evidence - based outcome measures that are validated and proven reliable

- Lists of RED FLAGS for many different diagnoses

- Wells Criteria table that outlines DVT / PE protocol

- Unique "Swift Tips" provide clinical pearls to further prepare for each patient

- Quick reference normative blood values and up-to-date AHA blood pressure data

- List of gait and balance outcome tools

- Full body arterial and venous system diagrams

- Evidence hierarchy "pyramid" and explanation of research study designs

- Durable and water resistant pages

- Exclusive stand-up feature that allows you to reference it hands-free!

- Measures around 7 x 4.5 inches for easy portability

- 65 pages in length

- Made in the U.S.A.

Whether you are a physical therapist, physiotherapist, physical therapy assistant, or student on a clinical rotation (hang in there!) - we designed The Swift Notes Outpatient PT Guide to be a trusted resource to aid you in your professional journey.

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