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Stethoscope Holder


Whether you’re tired of carrying your stethoscope around your neck or worried about misplacing it after examining a patient, MotivatEM clip-on stethoscope holder will provide you with a simple, convenient and comfortable way to carry it all day! We combine sturdy materials with a functional design to help you carry your stethoscope safely around your waist by clipping it on so you don’t have to worry about misplacing it or neck pain. It’s easy to use, suitable for most stethoscopes, and made to last even in the long run!

This outstanding device will help you reduce neck pain, increase portability of stethoscope so you don’t forget it, or make it easy to carry. It is used to store your stethoscope at your hip rather than around your neck, perfect gift for Nurse, Doctor or any Health Worker

• reduces neck pain
• increase portability
• easy to carry
• sturdy
• suitable for most stethoscopes

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