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Snap Buttons


Ear Relief Snap Buttons for Mask- Set of 2 snaps (one pair)
  • Removable, reusable, and can be re-positioned to your liking
  •  Made with a soft, flexible plastic
  • Does not puncture or damage fabric



  • Will they pop off during my shift? No! Once it snaps and locks the button will be secure.
  • Will they leave a mark on the fabric? You may get a dimple in the fabric that will come out with the rub of your thumb and will wash out easily.
  • Are they recyclable? This product is made from recycled materials and falls under code 6 of recycling guidelines. Although some materials labeled code 6 are not recyclable (Styrofoam cups, packing peanuts, food containers, etc.) mask snaps can be recycled, and the materials can be used again. 

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