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Pharmacology Study Guide


Nursing School Pharmacology Study Guide - Digital Download - 49 pages of Study Guides to help you ace Pharmacology class in nursing school! All organized for easy studying!
- Includes some of the most commonly tested medications in nursing school and on the NCLEX!
****Includes: Basic Pharmacology Principles and common Anxiolytics, Hypnotics, Sedatives, Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, Mood Stabilizer, GastrointestinalDdrugs, Pain Management Drugs, Reproductive, Upper Respiratory, Lower Respiratory, Thyroid, Antithyroid, Diabetes, Antibiotics, Diuretics, Blood Pressure, Anticoagulants, & other Cardiac Meds.
*** Bonus PDF: Pharmacology Medication Template: These templates are great to organize and memorize medications and test your knowledge.

*Please note this is a digital download. No physical product will be delivered. The file is a PDF

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