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Nurse Water Bottle Accessory Bundle | CharCharms


Introducing the nurse themed water bottle accessory CharCharm bundle - the perfect addition for any nurse who wants to add a touch of personality to their water bottle. These charms are a fun and creative way for nurses to personalize their water bottles while also showcasing their passion for their profession.

Crafted from high-quality, durable material, this bundle features a silver-tone finish that adds elegance and sophistication to its overall design. The accessories are the ideal size to fit onto any standard water bottle, making it easy to attach and remove as needed.

- White Heart Stick-On Hook
- Healthcare Chapstick Holder
- Syringe Charm
- Stethoscope Charm

Sticks onto any water bottle except soft matte Stanley & studded/texturized Starbucks tumblers.

To wash:
Take off charms, keep hook attached. Wash normally

Once you place the hook on your bottle, do not attempt to move it. It will only stick once.

To remove:
Remove manually by peeling it off, or slide a credit card between the hook and the bottle. Hook should pop off.

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