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Mechanical Ventilation Fast Facts Mini Packet



Mechanical Ventilation Fast Facts

This quick reference packet focuses on the important key points about mechanical ventilation. Great for any ICU nurse that needs a refresher, or for new grads entering the ICU to remember key points about the vent.

The sheet includes:
- Difference between volume control (VC) and pressure control (PC) ventilation
- Lung injuries
- Lung-protective ventilations settings
- Difference between end-inspiratory pressures (Ppeak & Pplateau) vs. end-expiratory pressures (Applied PEEP & Occult PEEP)
- Summary of conventional modes of ventilation (PRVC, AC, & PS) and overview of additional parameters (PEEP & P/F ratios)
- Summary of rescue modes of ventilation (HFOV and APRV)
- Includes additional information on cuff pressures & Spontaneous Breathing Trial (SBT) candidates
- Also includes diagrams explaining the “anatomy” of a vent waveform, and diagrams of APRV waveforms

ALSO includes a bonus sheet that shows a visual of the ventilator! Explains exactly what you are looking at when you look at the ventilator screen.

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