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Heart+Sound Solutions Signature Series Stethoscope


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Carry out the perfect auscultation of children and adults with our high-quality stethoscope prized for its double-head and tubing design, BETTER SOUND QUALITY, and amazingly comfortable fit. Taking patient vitals has never been easier.

Maximizing skills and improving the quality of care come easily with the use of our best-in-the-market Heart Sound Solutions Signature Series Stethoscope. The popular choice of practicing Physicians, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, EMT/Paramedics, and all other healthcare disciplines.

Our Stethoscope was painstakingly manufactured to deliver the best in functionality and style. From the unrivaled chest piece to the earpieces, and the quality sound system, our Heart Sound Solutions Signature Series Stethoscope is the best affordable stethoscope on the market.

The Reason You’ll love our Stethoscope:

Stainless steel dual chest piece with acoustic valve stem: Allows easy switching from the diaphragm to the bell with just a click.
Quality Diaphragm and Bell side: Allows Physicians and Nurses to capture and hear higher and lower frequency sounds. The bell has an ergonomic non-chill ring designed with patients' comfort in mind and is perfect for pediatric, geriatric, or smaller patients in general.
Latex-free and Insulated PVC tubing: Offer superior sound transmission without interruption from external noise.
Ergonomic Construction: The stainless steel headset is manufactured at the perfect 15-degree angle to align with the ear canals and provide the most comfortable fit. The stainless steel used for its construction is also high in durability and excellent in sound transmission.

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