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Heart+Sound Solutions Signature Cardiology Stethoscope


Heart+Sound Solutions Signature Cardiology Stethoscope encompasses everything you need to make a more in-depth patient assessment. The Signature Cardiology design was achieved by some of the top manufacturers in the world, taking your confidence to new heights. The stainless steel chest piece offers a deeper design with ultra-sensitive tunable diaphragms on the adult and pediatric sides, allowing you to hear a wide range of sound frequencies by applying slight pressure. The flexible double-lumen tubing offers superior acoustics, clarifying the most subtle breath and bowel sounds. The headset is designed at the perfect angle to provide amazing comfort. Soft-sealing silicone earpieces help you achieve the perfect seal, blocking out exterior noise, and allowing you to hear only what you need to. If you want to upgrade your confidence and decision-making regarding your patient's status, then look no further than the Signature Cardiology Stethoscope.

Why our Signature Cardiology Stethoscope is a must:

Stainless steel deeper designed chest piece for maximum durability and sound transmission
Dual-sided Adult and Pediatric chest piece
Convert the pediatric side of the chest piece to an open bell
Hear low-frequency sounds with light pressure and higher-frequency sounds with firm pressure
Flexible dual-lumen, latex-free, PVC tubing
Soft-sealing silicone earpieces with extra set and diaphragms included
Make more in-depth decisions and diagnose with confidence
Get the same quality as the "big guys" without the ridiculous mark-up
Total Wt: 6.8oz
Total length: 27.5”

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