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Heart Sound Solutions Medical Emergency and Bandage Scissors


How many times have you gone into a patient's room to change a dressing or to the scene of an accident and needed your scissors to cut clothing and realize you don't have them? We know it happens because it has happened to us! Our medical/bandage scissors are some of the BEST on the market with a serrated blade made of 420 stainless steel that will cut through the thickest of bandages or pair of blue jeans with ease. Our scissors also feature a clip that will allow you to clip them to your belt buckle or anywhere that is convenient.

Can't get your IV line unhooked from the pigtail? Yes, this has happened to us as well! However, that is no longer a problem with the built-in tubing wrench in the handle that allows you to unscrew the IV line from the pigtail without breaking it off inside the hub and having to start a whole new line.

From the hospital to the field, these scissors are EXACTLY what you need. And at a perfect size of 19cm, these medical scissors will allow you to do the toughest jobs with ease and quickness when others depend on you the most.

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