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EVD Monitoring ICU One-Pager


**Purchase includes .pdf download, not hard copy**

Confused about how to work the EVD monitor? These notes are for the visual learner who is interested in understanding the ins & outs of an EVD! Perfect for new grad nurses entering the ICU, or experienced nurses who need a refresher.

- diagram of EVD with labeled parts (including transducer, buretrol, leveler, rope, foramen of Monroe, monitor, drainage bag, main stopcock, and drain stopcock.
- nursing interventions required for EVD maintenance (sterile dressing & CSF bag changes)
- visual explanation of how to turn stopcock to either (1) monitor ICP, (2) turn “off” to patient, or (3) drain CSF
- visual explanation of how to turn stopcock to drain CSF from buretrol
- visual explanation of how to zero EVD to monitor

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