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Black Scrunchies


Who doesn’t love a cute stylish scrunchy? Matching headband can be purchased from separate listing.

Size: 3.5 inch circumference

Materials: Double Brush Poly; Stretchy nylon elastic inside fabric is inserted to make the scrunchy stretch.

Can be worn in a ponytail, half ponytail, braid, on the wrist.

We are named “Stitched kindness” because each headband is lovingly made. We enjoy creating stylish headbands for our customers.

All accessories are handmade by a team of two sisters who have a passion for crafts and sewing.

Thank you so much for the amazing support and thank you for shopping!

We create different style headbands which can be seen here:

Follow our IG page for updates and for ways to style your headband <3

Learn more about Stitched Kindness

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